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Which is the right plan for me?

Your phone is a storehouse! And you need to protect it from loss, damage, theft or fraud. Take a XCellIns protection plan today.


How do I claim insurance for Accidental damage or Liquid Damage?

Please call our customer service number 9899-703-804 and report the type of damage within 48 hours after the occurrence of the event and post this we will send our field executive at your place to file your claims. You need to submit the relevant documents required to process your claim along with the damaged device.

How do I claim insurance for my stolen Handset ?

Please call our customer service number 9899-703-804 and report loss of phone immediately after the occurrence of the event and post this we will send our field executive at your place to file your claims. You need to submit the relevant documents required to process your claim.

When does the Insurance cover start?

From date of purchase of the XCellIns Protection plan subject to registering the device details with XCellIns customer portal.

What is covered under Theft & Damage Insurance?

Fire, Theft, Burglary, Accidental Damage, Liquid Damage and Beyond Economic Repair scenarios.

Do I need to pay anything to get the claim processed?

The processing fees would be deducted from the claim amount in case of theft insurance while in case of Accidental Damage and Liquid Damage claim customer will need to pay the depreciation amount, standard processing fees and any other charges which are not approved under the insurance claim before the actual repair starts.

How long will it take to take to get my handset repaired under Accidental Damage or Liquid Damage claims process?

The estimate for repairs would be shared with the customer within 48 hours of collecting the handset and based on the customers confirmation on the estimates and availability of parts the handset would be repaired within 7 to 10 working days. The time of repairs is subject to availability of spare parts.

Can I buy this plan for my existing handset or do I need to purchase a new handset?

Yes, its required to buy protection plan while purchasing a new handset. You can buy this plan for your existing handset but your handset should have one of the flowing OS mentioned in the below table and should not be more than 15 days old.

Devices Operating Systems Versions
 Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2,,4.2,4.3,4.4
 Symbian S60  S60 3rd FP2, S60 5th, Symbian^3, Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle   
 Blackberry   5, 6 and 7
 Apple   5, 6 and 7

What is not covered under this policy?

The scenarios which won't be covered are under Insurance are…

1. Loss or damage to the Gadget due to mysterious circumstances / disappearance or unexplained reasons.
2. Loss of Gadget resulting from or caused by theft, or attempted theft from unlocked vehicles or rooms.
3. Fraud or criminal activity on the part of the Insured and the Subscriber.
4. Claim on gadget during the hire or loan of the insured gadget to a third party.
5. Loss resulting from detention or confiscation by customs or other Government or public authorities.
6. Any failure of the Gadget to operate as a result of problems with respect to the network infrastructure, Subscriber's network subscription or similar service issues.
7. Loss of or Damage to the Gadget that is registered in the name of a Corporate Entity, unless a nominee has been appointed by them as a Bonafide user.
8. Loss arising due to any unlawful act or illegal activities including criminal acts, or acts of war or the handset is used with permission of the Bonafide Subscriber having knowledge of such acts.v
9. Consequential loss of any kind or description.
10. Liability to any party of any nature including but not limited to liability of Authorised Service centre to other parties.
11. Loss or damage caused by incorrect storage, poor maintenance, wilful negligence, incorrect installation, incorrect set-up, unless the authorised Service Centre representative would confirm otherwise with due substantiation.
12. Loss or damage as a result of attack by un-authorised software/virus, software faults and manufacturing defect owing to which a gadget fails to operate.
13. Loss or damage that is covered by a supplier, dealer or factory warranty.
14. Any loss if the ownership of the gadget is transferred.
15. Any consequence arising from War, War lime operations (whether War declared or not) , Act of Foreign Enemy, Hostilities, Civil War, Rebellion, Insurrection, Civil Commotion, Military usurped power, Seizure, Capture, Confiscation, Arrest. Restraints and or Detainment by order of any Government or any other Authority.
16. Any liability whatsoever nature directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from ionizing radioactive or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear waste from combustion of nuclear fuel. For the purpose of this exclusion only combustion shall include any self-sustaining process of nuclear fission.
17. Any loss, destruction, damage or legal liability directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from nuclear weapon materials, Wear and tear, moth, vermin or gradual deterioration, inherent defect or from any process of cleaning or repairing or renovating or maintenance.
18. Any type of self-repair or attempted self-repair.
19. Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown or electronic derangement or malfunction unless caused by an external accidental means or liquid.
20. Penalties of delay or detention or in connection with guarantees of performance or efficiency.
21. Intentional overloading of the instrument. Loss or damage due to any experiments or tests and/or alterations resulting into any abnormal conditions.
22. Cost of Replacement of Battery unless caused by an accidental or liquid damage to the Gadget.
23. Any damage or loss occasioned from any water borne craft, unless such damage is caused by the accidental ingress of liquid/water, and if the Subscriber has taken reasonable care to protect the Gadget from damage.
24. Any manufacturing defect which is covered under Manufacturer's warranty Product defects whether latent / inherent or not.
25. Any loss of or damage to the SIM card / memory card unless caused by an insured peril.
26. Loss or damage to accessories unless they are attached to the Gadget.
27. Internal leakage of the battery, unless caused by an insured peril. Theft or Damage occurred while the Gadget is situated outside India providing the subscriber is a Non Resident Indian.
28. Any instance where you are not a resident of India at the time that the Theft or Damage occurred.
29. Any type of SIM / airtime misuse or consequential loss thereof.
30. Any loss the named Subscribers may suffer or cost to the Subscriber for:

o Damage to or Theft of, or costs or charges, when repairing or replacing aerials or battery chargers where these items are the only part of the gadget that have been Damaged or stolen;
o any Damage or Theft caused by any deliberate act or negligence by the Insured Member(s), their employees or any person using the gadget with their permission;
o costs or charges when replacing car kits or car Devices and other accessories which can no longer be used with the gadget;
o costs involved in returning the gadget for repair, or collecting the gadget once it has been repaired;
o costs caused by the gadget being routinely serviced, inspected, adjusted or cleaned;

31. Any loss related to indemnification for the Value added services
32. The Insurer shall not be liable for any loss or damage claim due to the inability of the Subscriber and insured to submit either of the claim processing and claim payment documents required by the Insurer for processing the Claim
The policy shall not be liable for any claim if information has intentionally been withheld or incorrect information or misrepresentations have been intentionally given that are of significance to the assessment of the claim.

What if I change my handset during the membership period of 1 year?

Policy is non transferable.

How will you determine the value of my lost device?

For purpose of determining the value of lost device the market value of handset on the date of loss will be considered after adjusting for depreciation at the rates given in the below table

Age of Mobile as on date of Loss % of depreciation on market Value
 Age (months)    Rate of Depreciation
 0-3    10%   
 3-6   20%
 6-12   30%

If I am traveling in India or abroad and I found my mobile stolen what should I do?

Please call our customer service number 9899 -703-804 (prefix +91 if abroad) to activate emergency assistance services.

How long will it take to get my theft claims processed?

Once we receive the set of documents required to process your claim the same would be settled in next 30 days.

Why should I protect my Mobile?

Your mobile today has most of the information to help you stay connected. Today there is a great risk of you losing your phone and with it all the precious data - Your contacts, which would have been accumulated over the years, Your precious personal pictures & videos, your personal SMS.

When will I receive my welcome pack?

Once your payment is successfully received by XCellIns, we will courier the welcome pack to your address or our executive will hand it over in person. You should likely receive your pack within 10 days of your membership. Please do call us in case you have not received your welcome pack.

What is in the welcome pack?

Welcome pack consists of welcome letter, startup guide, usage guide, your terms and conditions.

How long is your membership period?

The validity of your chosen membership plan is for 1 year from the date of purchase.

How do I register my mobile phone?

Your mobile phone details is what you have provided to activate your membership. You must update details by calling our customer service number 9899 -703-804

How do I update my mobile number?

Your mobile number is what you have provided to activate your membership and download your applications. You must update your new mobile number by calling our customer service number 9899 -703-804

How do I register my new device?

You should register your new device by calling our customer service number 9899 -703-804 and get the links to upload/fill-in the necessary details for your new device.

If I lose my mobile how do I report loss?

You must report the loss of your mobile phone by calling our customer service number 9899 -703-804.

How do I avail the service of courtesy handset?

Please call XCellIns customer service 9899 -703-804 to avail the service of courtesy handset, available in select location.

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