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Which is the right plan for me?

Your phone is a storehouse! And you need to protect it from loss, damage, theft or fraud. Take a XCellIns protection plan today.


What makes us unique?

What makes us unique, you ask? Read on to find out...

Pick and drop facility!

With our protection plans, we provide you with pick and drop service at a location of your choice, be it your home or office. You can call us, mail us, send us an SMS, or just use our app to register your complaint. We will pick-up your faulty device, and give you back a repaired one within 48 hours * . Frustrating customer care calls, locating a remote service centre and then waiting for your turn with a token in hand- these are the demons we vanquish. No warranty? No worries, we take care of that too. Just sit back and relax.

Free backup phone!

Now stay connected to friends, and the world, even if your phone is away for service or repair. XCellIns India is committed to provide you a Free backup phone* because we understand how it feels to be 'offline' and unable to be in touch with your loved ones.

In-Transit protection!

We take utmost care of the gadgets you entrust us with, even while they are in transit. If any damage does happen, it is covered by us with the In-Transit protection* . We will get it repaired at the earliest, because your satisfaction is what we are here for.

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